Our Projects

At the moment the portfolio of AtHand Applications represents four applications covering diverse spectrum of directions.


Represents a platform based upon person-to-person communication. The main idea behind is to provide users to find and meet person/s with similar interests at broad spectrum of activities. This application is currently under development and will be released momentarily.

Working Timer

The application is designed to provide a complete overview of the hours that you spend on your project, work or anything else? It is simple and easy tool suitable both for employees and for business owners! The application is up dated mainly. Based upon user’s demands and comments, yet it remains versatile and simple to use.

The application offers numerous functions:

  • - Overview table of hours worked
  • - More job profiles
  • - Current status of overtime (positive and negative)
  • - Entering notes
  • - Unpaid vacation
  • - Holiday
  • - Disease
  • - Holiday
  • - The number of working days
  • - The number of working hours per month (fixed working hours)
  • - Current state money earned
  • - Mass inserting records
  • - Data backup
  • - Frequent updates
Firefighters - SMS alarm

This application represents our effort to serve general public by carry out project to support logistics and specific tasks of nonprofit organization. As a result of such an effort, the “Haisici SMS” application was created. It is designed especially for volunteer firefighters, who are being alert about given fire strike at neighboring area via SMS. After setting the numbers from which are SMS sent, outbound SMS application starts and the siren, the dialogue with the text of outbound SMS is activated until firefighter response to the chief officer.

Reservation System

The key asset of this application is to generate universal, yet user friendly, reservation system suitable for personal use or corporate demands. It resembles dynamic platform to manage particular reservation needs by creating, managing, supervising and keeping records of given event/s.

About us

The AtHand Applications is new startup founded by highly motivated group of people to embody their ideas to create particular cell phone applications and to provide necessary knowledge and foundation to other applications developers to succeed with their highly innovative projects.

Our Team Members

At the moment, five persons represents the heart of the startup. The IT specialist joining our team came for example from Specter Interactive initiative or other global IT firm with subdivisions located in Brno area.


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